B.12 Residency Requirements, Letters of Permission and Leaves of Absence

University of Calgary bachelor’s degrees require that a minimum of 60 units be completed with courses offered by the University of Calgary. The exception is the Bachelor of Social Work, which requires a minimum of 30 units.

Students who wish to complete a second degree should consult with their Faculty to determine which units may apply from the first degree toward the second degree. Typically, second degrees require a minimum of 60 additional units.

Letters of Permission (LOP) 

University of Calgary undergraduate students, in good standing, who wish to take courses at another post-secondary institution must obtain approval from their faculty prior to registering in a course(s). Information regarding Letters of Permission is available at ucalgary.ca/registrar/registration. Most students can apply for a Letter of Permission through their at Student Centre. The exception is students in the Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc). BHSc students must contact their program office for information about letters of permission.

University of Calgary graduate students who wish to take courses at another post-secondary institution must consult with the Faculty of Graduate Studies and obtain approval prior to registering in a course(s). Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Stop-outs and Leaves of Absence (LOA)

Undergraduate students who stop-out (do not register in University of Calgary courses) will be able to return to their studies within a 12-month period. Students can register in courses through their Student Centre.

Students who stop-out for a 12-month period or more, will be required to apply for admission. See section A.4 General Admission Procedures. Under exceptional circumstances, a Faculty may approve a leave of absence beyond 12 months. Students must obtain approval from their Faculty before the 12-month period has lapsed. The Faculty will add a comment to the student information system indicating the approval, with the date of return, and provide a written confirmation to the student.

Graduate students must obtain an approved leave of absence from the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Additional details are available in section G.D.7 Leave of Absence of the Graduate Calendar.

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