P.3.3 Donations

P.3.3.1 Bursary Funds

All undergraduate and graduate students are assessed a tax deductible donation to the Student Peer Assistance Bursaries (undergraduate students) or the Graduate Students' Association Bursary Fund (graduate students). The funds raised provide bursaries for undergraduate and graduate students in financial need.

Students who wish to opt-out must do so through their Student Centre before the fee payment deadline for the term. The donation is not refundable after the fee payment deadline

P.3.3.2 Calgary Engineering Endowment Fund

All Engineering students are asked to make a tax deductible donation to the Calgary Engineering Endowment Fund. Full- and part-time undergraduate students (excluding Open Studies and Diploma students) are automatically levied $25.00 per Fall and Winter Terms. The monies which are raised will be put into an endowment fund with the interest being used towards improving the 16 Engineering undergraduate program. The donation is not refundable after the deadline for payment of fees. Change or cancellation of donation forms are available at the Schulich School of Engineering Office and Enrolment Services or online at live.ucalgary. ucalgary.ca/registrar/student-centre/student-forms and must be submitted on or before the term fee deadline to opt out of the fee.

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P.3.3 Donations
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