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School of Creative and Performing Arts Office: Craigie Hall D100

For Program Advice
Students should consult an undergraduate program advisor in the Arts Students’ Centre for information and advice on their overall program requirements. Advising contact information can be found online:


The School of Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) provides both rigorous and distinct disciplinary programs and uncommon opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration. Hosting programs in Dance, Drama and Music, the SCPA provides students a range of options for specialization and innovation, both within and across its participating divisions.

Dance provides a four-year BA (Dance) degree and a four-year BFA (Dance) degree that explores dance from multiple perspectives, as well as a five-year combined BKIN/BA degree that highlights the relationships between the sciences, arts and humanities and a five-year Concurrent Program with the Werklund School of Education that combines a Bachelor of Education with a BA Dance with a concentration in Dance Pedagogy. Students delve into choreography, performance, technique, improvisation, dance for the camera, dance science, global dance, history, and theory in order to understand the place of dance in the twenty-first century. From ballet to contact improvisation, hip hop to contemporary, dance at the University of Calgary helps students gain in-depth experience as well as a broad understanding of a range of cultural forms. With emphasis on both practice and analysis, our program is designed to prepare graduates for careers in professional performance, choreography, scholarship, and education, as well as further dance study in graduate programs.

In addition to the three discipline-specific divisions, the School of Creative and Performing Arts provides unique opportunities for interdisciplinary instruction and collaboration. Specifically, there is one interdisciplinary course required of all students enrolled in a major program in SCPA. This course provides both theoretical and practical instruction in interdisciplinary exchange and creative process. Beyond this required course SCPA students enjoy a wide range of special topics electives and extra-curricular opportunities that explore a variety of interdisciplinary practices and subject material.