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Students should consult an undergraduate program advisor in the Arts Students' Centre for information and advice on their overall program requirements. Advising contact information can be found online:


The program in Law and Society is designed to provide a broad exposure to the nature of law and its role in society. The overall aim of the program is not only to provide students with a deep understanding of the law but also to demonstrate that the law is not an isolated discipline but is a part of an integrated culture of which we all partake. The program is not specifically a "pre-law" program. Nevertheless, the perspectives that it offers are likely to be of great benefit to those who hope to be lawyers, as well as to those considering a career in politics, the civil service, law enforcement, the social sciences, business and industry, or public-interest advocacy.

Sociology and Law and Society Students Association

The Sociology and Law and Society Students Association (SLSA) is actively engaged in promoting the academic and social interests of students who Major or Minor in Sociology or Law and Society. The SLSA fosters a sense of community within the Department and represents the interests of undergraduate Sociology and Law and Society students at appropriate councils and committees. All Sociology and Law and Society students are encouraged to become members.