Graduate Student Awards Office
Location: MacKimmie Tower, 2nd Floor

The University of Calgary is very proud of its graduate student awards program. In addition to recognizing academic achievement, scholarships are important in helping to bridge the gap between the rising cost of attending university and limited student income. Attracting top national and international students to the University of Calgary continues to be a very high priority.

We are extremely pleased that our donors share our commitment to graduate student awards, and we appreciate the financial support offered by all of our valued donors.

Full-time students registered in a graduate degree program at the University of Calgary are eligible for awards and financial assistance.

Scholarship information and application instructions are found on the graduate award website and through the searchable awards database at

Additional information is available from your program. Because the award list is published a considerable time before the opening of the session, the university reserves the right to make whatever changes circumstances may require, including cancellation or addition of particular awards.

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Sessional Instructorships

Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarships (FGSS)

Graduate Students' Association Bursaries

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Awards Offered by Government, Industry and Others

Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarships and Awards

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