K. Integrity and Conduct

The University of Calgary foundational commitments expressed in the Eyes High Strategy are to:

  • sharpen focus on research and scholarship

  • enrich the quality and breadth of learning

  • integrate the university with the community

The university seeks to create and maintain a positive and productive learning, working and living environment; an environment in which there is:

  • respect for the dignity of all

  • fair treatment of individuals

  • respect for academic freedom

  • respect for university resources and the property of individuals

When representing the university, employees, academic staff members, appointees, students and volunteer appointees are required to act:

  • ethically, honestly and with integrity; and

  • in accordance with the principles of fairness, good faith, and respect

All members of the University community have a responsibility to familiarize themselves with this Statement on Principles of Conduct and to comply with University of Calgary policies on conduct including:

Code of Conduct: ucalgary.ca/legal-services/university-policies-procedures/code-conduct.

Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedures:




K.1 Other Impermissible Conduct
K.2 Student Appeals
K.3 Statement on Academic Integrity
K.4 Research Integrity

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