G.A.8 Graduate Readmission

A student who withdrew or was withdrawn from program and wishes to be readmitted to the program must apply for readmission to the graduate program, with submission of official transcripts for any academic work done since departure and a fee of $180.

If readmission is granted, program requirements and completion time will be stipulated in the offer of readmission. Assessment of requirements for degree completion will take into consideration the relevance of work completed during the initial registration and current program requirements.

A fee assessment, taking into account the completed and remaining requirements and time in the student's program, will be made as part of the offer of readmission. Unless a student’s registration is active, the student may not participate in University activities towards a degree such as attendance in a course, conducting research in a laboratory, teaching and receiving paid support. Readmits are required to pay any applicable admissions deposit.

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