G.A. Graduate Admissions

There is no general right of admission to Graduate Programs. Each department determines whether to recommend to the Faculty of Graduate Studies the admission of a particular applicant based not only on the applicant's credentials but also on the availability of resources for supervision and research, departmental research objectives, program balance, and other such considerations. Admissions decisions are not subject to appeal.

General Admission Procedures
Any student who wishes to become a registered student of the University must complete an online Application for Admission, pay the application fee, submit required documentation to demonstrate they meet the admission requirements, receive an offer of admission and pay the Admission Deposit (see G.A.5 Offer of Admission), if required, before they are permitted to register in courses.

G.A.1 Qualifications
G.A.2 Application for Admission
G.A.3 Admission Categories
G.A.4 Retention of Student Records
G.A.5 Offer of Admission
G.A.6 Advanced Credit and Course Exemption
G.A.7 Laddered Pathway
G.A.8 Readmission
G.A.9 Reactivation