G.A.9 Graduate Reactivation

A student who has been withdrawn for failure to register and who wishes to reactivate their registration, must submit a Faculty of Graduate Studies Application for Reactivation of Registration (https://grad.ucalgary.ca/current-students/resources/forms-and-documents) and a $180 fee. The student's supervisor and Graduate Program Director must sign the reactivation form, indicating their willingness to reinstate the student.

Reactivation may only take place within the student's registration anniversary term, and the student will be responsible for fees for the entire term. If the student wishes to return to program after their anniversary term has passed, the student must apply for readmission for the next session to which the program will admit students (see G.A.8 Readmission).

If a student’s registration is not active, the student may not participate in University activities towards a degree such as attendance in a course, conducting research in a laboratory, teaching and receiving paid support.

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