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G.A.6 Graduate Advanced Credit and Course Exemption

Decisions regarding advanced credit and course exemption are final and at the discretion of the program.  They may not be appealed.

Graduate Advanced Credit

At the time of admission, a student may seek credit for coursework completed before entering their University of Calgary graduate program. Courses for which advanced credit is being sought must be from a recognized institution and not have been used for any degree, diploma or certificate accreditation. They must be graded, graduate-level courses, and the graded level of performance must be equivalent to a "B-" grade or higher standing at the University of Calgary.

Advanced credit is not normally given for courses taken more than five years before admission to the current graduate degree program or for courses taken for the purposes of qualifying for admission.

Graduate Course Exemption

A student may be granted an exemption from taking a required course or certain specific courses within their graduate degree program as a result of having completed equivalent coursework in the past. Courses for which exemptions are being sought must be from a recognized institution, and they must be graded courses with a minimum grade of "B-". No credit is awarded. Unless otherwise specified by the program, a University of Calgary graduate student who is granted a course exemption is therefore still required to complete the total number of units in their program by taking another program-approved course.

A.6.1 Course-Based Programs

The student must request advanced credit in writing at the time of application for admission. This request must be endorsed by the Graduate Program Director and submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies with the admission recommendation.

The total of advanced credit and transfer credit may not exceed either one-third of the program or 12 units, whichever is less.

A.6.2 Thesis-Based Programs

Application for advanced credit must be made to the graduate program at the time of admission, so that the graduate program can take previous work into account when specifying a student's program.

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