P.1.1 Undergraduate Tuition

Undergraduate students are assessed tuition and general fees as listed in the Tuition and General Fees charts below. Refer to the Academic Schedule for payment deadlines.

Tuition and fees vary by faculty. Tuition is assessed at the rate indicated for the faculty offering the course.

Students pay the tuition and fees applicable to the term in which they are admitted and begin courses in their program, also known as the students admission term, regardless of when they received their letter of admission to the program.

Students eligible for Retained Tuition Rate Groups may refer to P.1.1.1 Undergraduate Retained Tuition Rate Groups.

Tuition Rates per Course for Course-based Undergraduate Programs (effective Spring Term 2024)

Undergraduate tuition fees are assessed per unit based on the approved course fee rate group for the Faculty. Some programs may have additional program-specific fees as listed below.

Home Faculty of Course

Domestic Tuition per 3-unit course

Domestic Fee Rate Group

International Tuition per 3-unit course

International Fee Rate Group

Most Faculties*





Faculty of Law - Juris Doctor





Faculty of Law - Summer Law Institute





Foreign Trained Lawyer Additional Courses (Courses labelled LWFT)





Haskayne School of Business










Schulich School of Engineering





Werklund School of Education





Courses labelled COOP or INTE** (per 15 units)





Audit fee

50% of course fee

*Most Faculties include: Arts, Cumming School of Medicine (BHSc, BCR only), Kinesiology, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Science, and Social Work. **Excludes Co-op/Internship not required for designation including COOP/INTE .03, .04, .05 in Science and Haskayne School of Business and COOP/INTE .04 and .05 in Arts and Schulich, which are not charged tuition.

Tuition Rates per Term for Undergraduate Programs

The following programs are assessed tuition per term.


Format of Assessment

Domestic Tuition per term

International Tuition per term

Foreign Trained Lawyers Program (Post-Bachelor’s Certificate)

Year 1
(Fall & Winter)



Year 2+ **
(Fall, Winter & Summer)



Doctor of Medicine

Each Term *
(Fall, Winter & Summer)



Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME) 

All years
(Fall & Winter)



Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Years 1-3 (Fall & Winter)



Year 4
(Summer, Fall & Winter)



*The Doctor of Medicine program runs three terms per year: Fall, Winter and Spring.
**Students who do not complete the required 24 units and their optional additional course as approved by the Dean or designate in their first 12 months will be required to pay tuition in each term of their extension. Students granted an exception to take courses beyond the FTLP as directed by the National Committee on Accreditation and approved by the Dean or designate, are required to pay the additional per 3-unit LWFT course tuition for each course taken and are expected to take the courses within the 12 month duration of the FTLP.  Should a student be permitted to take additional LWFT courses that extend their program into an additional year, students are assessed the per 3-unit course tuition for LWFT courses and not the term based tuition.

Additional Undergraduate Program-Specific Fees

All students registered in the following programs are assessed a program fee in Fall and Winter Terms in addition to course-based tuition (see table above for Tuition Rates per Course for Course-based Undergraduate Programs):


Program (Charged Fall and Winter Terms)

Domestic and


Bachelor of Music


BA Music, Music minor


BMUS/BEd concurrent program


BFA Dance


BA Dance




BA Dance/BEd Concurrent Programs


Dance minor


School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape

Bachelor of Design in City Innovation


P.1.1.1 Undergraduate Retained Tuition Rate Groups

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