Graduate Regulation Summary

The general regulations apply to all graduate students. Regulations specific to particular degree programs are outlined in the individual program, found in the Programs section.

Notices of any changes in regulations are available from the program office. It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with the regulations and deadlines of the Faculty of Graduate Studies as stated in this Calendar, in their graduate program’s Handbook and, for thesis-based students, in the Thesis Guidelines (


  • Students are advised to consult with their Graduate Program Director and Graduate Program Administrator regarding all aspects of their graduate programs.

  • All graduate students registering or re-registering must contact their supervisors and programs to discuss their programs of study within the first two weeks of their annual registration month.

  • This Calendar provides a listing of all graduate courses. Course offerings will be determined annually and are subject to the availability of instructors and student interest and in some instances are only offered in alternate years. Students should consult a current timetable before registering.

G.D.1 Registration
G.D.2 Transfer Credit
G.D.3 Student Status
G.D.4 Program Transfers
G.D.5 Withdrawals
G.D.6 Time Limits
G.D.7 Leave of Absence
G.H. Academic Standing
G.I. Language
G.J. Supervision
G.K. Candidacy
G.L. Theses
G.M. Thesis Examinations
G.N. Graduation
G.O. Appeals
G.P. Integrity and Conduct
G.Q. Free Expression
G.R. Time Off From Studies for Thesis-based Graduate Students