P.3.4.2 GSA Health and Dental Insurance

Most full-time graduate students are automatically enrolled in an extended health and dental plan that is arranged by the Graduate Students’ Association via Studentcare. The plan provides students with insurance coverage for prescription drugs, paramedical services, vision care, dental care, and travel. It is supplementary to a provincial health-care plan, and students must have coverage through Alberta Health Care (or equivalent) to be eligible for the extended health and dental plan.

The 12-month fee rate for the health and dental plan is based on the policy year of September to August. Students who are enrolled in the plan part way through the policy year will be assessed a pro-rated fee to the start of the next policy year.

Students enrolled in the Executive MBA and Doctor of Business Administration programs are not automatically enrolled in the health and dental plan. Part-time students or those enrolled in the EMBA, DBA, or distance delivery programs may be eligible to opt-in. Students can also purchase additional coverage for spouses and/or dependents.

Students who have proof of alternative health and dental coverage can opt-out during the Change of Coverage period.

For more information visit gsa.ucalgary.ca/health-dental-services/.

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