P.3.4.3 Students' Union (SU) Fees

Undergraduate students are required to pay Students' Union general fees each term. This is to maintain the operations of the Students’ Union.

In addition, students pay Students’ Union Ancillary Fees which consists of fees approved by student referendum to support specific SU programs or external third parties. Ancillary fees are transferred by the Students’ Union to the appropriate committees or third parties to be administered as follows:




Radio Station (CJSW)



Library Assistance Fee



Campus Television (NUTV)



Student Newspaper (Gauntlet)



Student Legal Assistance



Refugee Student Program



Volunteer Services



Committee of 10,000






More information is available on the Students’ Union’s website at su.ucalgary.ca/about/more/financial/.

P.3.4.1 Graduate Student Association (GSA) Fees
P.3.4.2 GSA Health and Dental Insurance
P.3.4.3 Students' Union (SU) Fees
P.3.4.4 Student Union Health and Dental Plan Fees
P.3.4.5 City of Calgary UPass (Universal Transit Pass)

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