P.3.4.5 City of Calgary UPass (Universal Transit Pass)

In a 2002 referendum, the Students' Union and Graduate Students' Association members supported the introduction of the compulsory UPass program for all full-time students. The UPass program requires each full-time student attending the University of Calgary to pay a compulsory fee, per term. In return for a reduced rate transit pass. More information can be found at: ucalgary.ca/ancillary/parking/upass.

Eligibility for the UPass

To be eligible you must be a full-time undergraduate student registered in three courses for the Fall or Winter Terms or two courses for the Summer Term (including Spring Intersession) with at least one of the courses being on-campus, or a graduate student with full-time status.

Students who are issued the UPass when their status is full-time and subsequently change their status to part-time are no longer considered eligible to use the UPass program. Students are required to return this sticker to the Campus Service Centre counter by the posted deadline and if the MyFare application Upass was activated the virtual pass on your smartphone will be deleted. Failure to return the Upass sticker will result in a hold placed on the student account. Students that change their status from part-time to full-time must wait 48 hours for the change to appear in the system before they can obtain a UPass.

Co-operative Education, Internship and Distance Education Students

Co-operative education, internship and distance education students are not automatically assessed the UPass fee (during the terms away from campus) but are eligible to have the fee added for the applicable session(s) (Fall, Winter, or Summer). To do so, make sure you are registered in a COOP or INTE course or as a distance education student; contact Enrolment Services to have the UPass fee added to your student account and after the system is updated (1-2 days), the UPass sticker may be picked up at the Campus Service Centre or have the virtual Upass activated through the MyFare application on your smartphone. If you are registered in a campus-based course at the University of Calgary while you are on a work term or during your distance education program, you will automatically be assessed the compulsory UPass fee.

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