P.2 Graduate Tuition and General Fees

Graduate students are assessed tuition and general fees as listed in the tuition and general fees charts. Refer to the Academic Schedule for payment deadlines.

Tuition and fees vary by program. Tuition will be assessed at the rate indicated for the program offering the course.

Students pay the tuition and fees applicable to the term in which their studies begin, also known as the student’s admission term, regardless of when they received their letter of admission to the program.

Students eligible for Graduate Course-based Retained Tuition Rate Groups refer to P.2.3.2.

P.2.1 Thesis-Based and Professional Doctorate Tuition
P.2.2 Executive Master of Business Administration Tuition
P.2.3 Graduate Course-based Tuition
P.2.4 Graduate Program-Specific Tuition and Fees
P.2.5 Graduate Student General Fees

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